Crate-Free Environment- No Charges

A group of people playing frisbee in the yard.

The Freedom To Be Dogs

Custom build the care for your dog. Each and every pet has special needs and we can accommodate them all. Per your instructions we can let them sleep all day or let them play as much as they’d like in our beautifully landscaped, large property with other dogs. The yard is completely fenced, safe, secure and locked down 24/7. A busy dog is a happy dog.

All activity is supervised. It is our job to regulate all behavior so your dog will be happy, safe and have a great time. We watch the mounting or bullying, the chasing after balls, and hierarchy competitions. We want fair play keeping all visitors wanting to come back for more fun.

The visitors are able to enjoy a cozy home environment with easy access, (whenever they desire) to the yard. At night they can hang out in any of the rooms or in dog beds placed all over the house. Some like a cozy cave to borough in. Many like the company of other dogs. Some like to sleep in the master bedroom to be close to the alpha and on rare occasions the crafty ones end up on the master bed.

We take pride in keeping the grounds clear of dog waste. The hoses are out and everything gets washed down frequently. Staying as clean as we can helps dogs stay safe and healthy.

We invite you to check us out and see for yourself our clean and happy place for pets in Federal Way, WA. We are easy to find and cover South King County and Tacoma. Call us anytime!

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

We take so much pleasure in the job because there are so few who offer NO-Cage boarding.

We spoil your pet just as if you took them to grandma’s house.

We know how much you love your pets and how nervous you get when you ask someone else to take care of them.

. — Carolyn Hoffman