A close up of a dog with a blue collar

All of us know that watching dogs is like running a daycare for kids. They need constant attention, constant guidance and tons of love & exercise.

We don’t mind all the slobber and doggie kisses and messes they all give out because our love for them overpowers all that. Three legs, one eye, can’t hear, can’t see…we love them all. They just have to be able to get along with other dogs.

At Hoffman Hound care we have:
• Ten years experience
• Crate-Free Environment
• Never lost a dog
• A well-manicured yard
• Many references
• No dog fights allowed
• No home keys going out
• No extra charge for medications
• No dogs left outside unattended

Each dog has a different personality and they also come with issues too. If you get frustrated with training challenges, it’s no problem for us. We have training partners if you want any help.

No worries about the health of your kiddo while under our care. We have a great relationship with Cascade Veterinary Hospital and an on-call vet assistant for any minor issues that come up.

If you no longer want your pet locked up in a cage while boarding, this is the time to check us out.

Feel free to give us a call at 206-999-8128.