About Us

Three dogs sitting in a row on top of grass.

Hoffman Hound Care is a locally owned business in Federal Way for over fifteen years with a fantastic track record. It has community support and is a trustworthy business. It is also respected by greyhound groups like Greyhound Pets of America.

Originally born in Kansas, Owner Carolyn Hoffman moved with her parents to West Seattle when she was two years old. She got her first dog, a Cocker Spaniel, at 8 yrs old. While later living in California, Carolyn had an extra weekend job in a Grooming Salon where she learned how to groom Poodles. The time she spent there was so educational on how to handle pets without causing fear and how to manipulate their bodies safely showing them a lot of love. Then after moving back to Washington, she started taking care of other people’s dogs and absolutely loved it! Throughout the years she gained so much admiration and trust from her clients that going into dog boarding was a natural transition.

Carolyn is very focused on the comfort and safety of the dogs she cares for. She makes sure that bedding and play areas are clean and safe and that every dog goes home tired from all the play and fun they had. And all the senior dogs just have fun watching or resting.

Hoffman Hound Care has been in Federal Way for ten years with many happy customers. Ask to speak to one of our many references!

We invite you to check out our comfy home away from home environment. You can just chat or book a stay. Contact Us.